How To Know If My Child Have Autism - Simple Test


Have you recently observed any anomalies in your child’s behavior compared to other kids of similar age? Or has the teacher in your child’s pre-school brought to your attention that your child is usually reclusive and doesn’t want to interact with other children or teachers in the classroom? Or maybe you family practitioner has recommended that your child be evaluated for autistic trends. In these situations, the first question on your mind would be “Does my child have Autism“!
While there is no easy answer to this question, there are a few applied behavior analysis techniques that could be applied to either strengthen or eliminate your concerns.

Does My Child Have Autism?

how to recougnize kids with autism

To start off, try to use this autism symptom checklist below at home.
While playing games is the best form cognitive behavioral therapy for autism treatment, it is also among the best ways to perform the preliminary autism diagnosis. The good news is, that this can be easily incorporated in you day to day routines while interacting with your child.

Checklist to find out - Does My Child Have Autism

Is my child Autistic? Use this checklist while you interact :
  1. Pay attention to their attention – Are they making eye contact with you or is their attention solely focused on the toy at hand
  2. Pay attention to their intention – honor their intention, play what they want to play and see if they will allow you “IN” to play with them
  3. Mimic what your child is doing to see if they will interact with you
  4. Try to “check in” with your child while you are playing. This is to see if your child is making a connection with you
  5. Try to take away the toy from your child and start playing with it instead. Observe their behavior – are they, even momentarily, interested to see what you are doing or do they throw tantrums immediately once the toy is taken away
  6. See if you can engage your child in an activity that furthers what they are playing with. For example, your little one is playing with a fire engine rolling it back and forth, back and forth. Try to engage your child in a further thought about the fire engine. Example- Scot, there is a fire, can your fire truck put it out? If you child continues to roll the truck back and forth and does not want to let your idea become part of his play further assessment is necessary
  7. Is your child aggressive or has behavioral issues? Observe patterns in aggression – see if you can label their feelings to deter their actions. For example, if your child hits a sibling simply say “Are you angry with Suzy” see if your child understands the concept and emotion and will use words instead of behavior in the future. A child, who persists in aggressive behavior without beginning to understand, needs further assessment
  8. Watch a colorful animation movie with your child, typically movies like Frozen, Shrek or How to Tame Your Dragon are good starters. Does your child react negatively to the brightness, color or sound? If so, adjust your monitor and sound settings to autism friendly mode (refer to the article on What is AutismFriendly Screening) and observe if they react better.
  9. Revisit some of the previous videos of your child’s first or second birthday party or Christmas. Try to look for some of the trends mentioned above. Does it ring a bell? Also, try to match them against the key signs of autism below.
  10. Use a normal conversational tone and see if your child responds, a lack of eye contact or response indicates further assessment is necessary

Early Signs of Autism in Children

Below are some of the common characteristics of Autism. However, please note that they may vary from one child to another. Also, Autism in Boys may differ significantly from autism in girls.


How To Know If My Child Have Autism - Simple Test 4.5 5 Josh Murdoch Have you recently observed any anomalies in your child’s behavior compared to other kids of similar age? Or has the teacher in your child’...

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