6 Signs You Maybe Arguing With A Psychopath


About one percent of the population are psychopaths. But, you don’t have to worry that much because there is a small chance that some of them will turn into dangerously violent.
These people are manipulative and want to cause harm to the people they know (or don’t know) and the worst part is that they don’t feel any responsibility or regret.

Many experts describe psychopaths as chameleons when it comes to social relationships because they have the ability to fit in any type of situation. These people can easily shift their identity, so they can achieve their goals. They have different motives for their manipulation – sex, money, attention etc. in addition, they know how to make other people loved and special and this is the reason why most people find psychopaths innocent, lovely, pleasant and fun at first.

Of course, they have a dark side too.
13 Signs To Identify A Psychopath
Once they start feeling bored or intimidated, they start to reveal their true personality. This is the time when psychopaths start arguments like you have never seen before. They speak about the things they’ve done wrong, but after a while you will notice that they are blaming you for their actions.

This situation looks very similar to friend or foe or good cop/bad cop – a psychological tactic usually practiced in interrogation.

The following is a list of 6 warning signs that will tell you whether the individual that you are arguing with is actually a psychopath. If you are arguing with a psychopath, you should stop it immediately.

1. Psychopaths Lie and Don’t Keep Their Promises

Nobody is perfect and each of us can make a mistake every once in a while. However, psychopaths are prone to making excuses and it seems that they rarely keep their promises. The actions they take are opposite of what they say and the frequent lies they say will leave you disappointed. So, the next time they do something that is partially true, you will actually feel good. In other words, they have achieved their goal – you will feel grateful even with their poor performance.

2. They Always Sound Superior and Patronizing

These people frequently try to make others irrational, so they can look superior. While the argument lasts, you will found out that they somehow manage to remain calm. You will feel like you are being mocked and like they are trying to test your reactions and make you feel really mad. It is quite natural to react emotionally in these cases and this is when they once again will tell you that you are unbalanced and that you need to calm down.

3. They are Real Hypocrites

When the argument reaches culmination, psychopaths usually start blaming others for their own behavior or actions. They are well-aware of the fact that you know their imperfections and that you will react. Their main objective is to trick you into emotional reaction and you will look like you are the one with problems to those witnessing the argument.
how to deal with Psychopaths

4. They Look Like They Have Multiple Personalities
Once you get into an argument with a psychopath, you will probably find out that they have more than one personality. As we have said before, they act like friend or foe or good cop/bad cop. When you calm down and the argument comes to an end, they will apologize and even make compliments. In case they don’t get a positive reaction from you, they will begin with insults that are actually focused on the compliments they’ve made. This is the moment when you will notice their multiple personalities.

5. They Have Victim Mentality

If they start losing the ground in the argument, they will probably start talking about their past and how they were bullied in school or about their mean boss or their nut ex. You will probably feel sorry for them although they are the ones who made a mistake. When they notice that they “got” you, they will start taking advantage. Psychopaths complain about being abused, but the truth is that they want to abuse others.

6. You Will Feel an Urge to Make Clear What Emotions are

In the end, you will begin to explain the basic human emotions like care and empathy to them. The truth is that they understand every emotion very well and they are doing this to hurt you.

There is Only One Solution to Stop These Arguments. You Need to End Them

If you get yourself into an argument with a psychopath you will feel exhausted and drained. The truth is that they can go on with this activity for hours and days. The worst part is that in some cases they sometimes make certain comments on purpose in order to get a reaction and they already have the answer. They are just luring you. They want to provoke you and make you continue with the useless argument.

This is especially for psychopaths that work together with you. They want you to burst in front of everyone so that you will look like a psychopath. When you are close to someone you like, they want you to become reckless and mad, so they can ruin your potential relationship.
This means that the next time you notice the tactics we’ve mentioned before when you are arguing, use different tactics. Just smile and stop the conversation.

These people don’t deserve to be part of your life.


6 Signs You Maybe Arguing With A Psychopath 4.5 5 Josh Murdoch About  one percent of the population  are psychopaths. But, you don’t have to worry that much because there is a small chance that some ...


  1. i'm not being facetious here, but that article describes A LOT of women nowadays!

    MGTOW Ten Commandments

    1. You're kidding. You have to be kidding.

    2. You're kidding. You have to be kidding.

    3. Hello, troll/potential psychopath :) Unfortunately, statistics prove that the higher percentage of psychopaths are men. (and it makes sense, too. The whole "power is MINE/Emotions are wimpy/sex should be meaningless is 100% psychopathic.

  2. This is so bullshit. If you're having a debate/argument with someone and you're starting to become emotional you're the one with problems because you can't handle your emotions and make rational arguments.

    Also terms like psychopath and sociopath are not scientific terms, they are just terms people with very little(none) scientific knowledge use to put certain people they don't like into boxes.

    another way to show this is bullshit is to just simply do this.

    Maybe they lie because they don't wanna hurt you, maybe they are patronizing because you're being stupid, maybe they are very rational people so your emotions have no value to their knowledge and control over their own emotions..list goes on.

    To call someone a psychopath has no value at all, just a way for you to put a certain person you don't like into a box, because it's so much easier then trying to understand.

    1. Time to reread #2.......sound familiar?

  3. it's so true... life could be hell to be with people like them. Is nvr easy.

  4. So according to you, anyone that shows emotions over the treatment of an abusive person is the one who has a problem? Sounds like we might have a psychopath in our mists. Time to do a little bonding with Webster or Google and bring up empathy or compassion. Lack of either is a psychopathic trait. Your on the right page Artjom Glad.

  5. My first encounter with a psychopath was online ("Jxxxx P Madonna" from New Jersey, old friends will remember what he did). He mentioned about his female employer but truthfully, he did not attend any interviews nor gotten a job. His complaints about the female boss was actually about me. Hot, single but "no life" as I was spending a lot more time in my new work back then and had no time to chat with him daily like I used to.

    The scary thing was, this man dated single women and was expecting some hot sex action. When that was not provided by the women, he would say their kids are evil (cos the woman had to go home to look after her toddler son). He will also mingled with people he say he hated, which was also a red herring.

    It took a Jewish woman (a race the man said he hated) to spill the beans on him. She was then a mutual friend of ours and still is. He went on to threaten me that I took his "engagement" ring (a flea market ring he sent me via mail to thank me for being there for him during his times of "depression", which was faked). I had also returned a gift in kind and my gift was much more expensive than what he sent me.

    I then had an inkling why his Columbian wife left him as he refuses to work and "works" on his youtube movies all the time.

    The thing is, when have I ever been engaged to him? I finally "got rid" of him by forcing some of his videos down youtube (he was using my work for his vids without credits to me etc). I gave him a choice of apologizing in public media (newspaper) but he refused. He was taken aback that I was so quick to inform his wife too (on youtube).

    I was later to find out that I could be living with one other psychopath (no, not an ex-bf). I also found out some kin of mine WERE (still are) psychopaths! LONG Story but you know them as they are manipulative even when they have broken the law and broken your trust in them, and have hurt you deeply!

    It's quite true we are surrounded by psychopaths. And many appear normal until you hear what they say. So if you have loving kin and friends who are not psychopaths, you are blessed! (I do have many normal friends who aren't!) :)

  6. Sociopath is a psychological term. It's when people exibit antisocial traits such as lack of empathy, habitual lying, and sometimes violence

  7. For the love of god get someone to proofread your articles before publishing. Elementary grammar mistakes and incomplete sentences blow holes in your credibility.

  8. For the love of god get someone to proofread your articles before publishing. Elementary grammar mistakes and incomplete sentences blow holes in your credibility.

  9. The six signs all sound exactly like Borderline Personality Disorder to me.


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