Cannabis Oil as an Effective Colon Cancer Treatment


David Hibbitt from England was just 32 years old when he found out that he is suffering from stage 3 bowel cancer. On top of that, the doctors told him that he has no more than 18 months left.
Mr. Hibbitt decided to follow the conventional color cancer treatment and used chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Cannabis Oil as a Colon Cancer Treatment

After a while he decided to try cannabis oil as a colon cancer treatment and he had one good reason to do that. David said that conventional colon cancer treatment (radiotherapy and chemo) were actually doing more harm than good and he eventually accepted the fact that he is going to die.

However, some of his friend and colleagues recommended the use of cannabis oil, so he didn’t think much before trying it.
According to David, he spends about 50 pounds per gram and he is getting raw cannabis oil from a guy he knows. One gram is enough for one month. He also says that once you start using the oil you will probably feel high, but this feeling cannot be compared to the feeling you get from chemotherapy. Once the effects are gone, he feels much better and doesn’t feel any pain.
His reasoning for trying the cannabis oil (the recipe) was simple:

This is a proof that alternative treatments are much better than conventional colon cancer treatment, but yet, the FDA won’t admit that.
Meanwhile, David decided to stay away from chemo and started using cannabis oil. After few months, he scanned his body and was amazed by the results – the cancer was gone.
David is a father of a five-year-old child and he is glad that his child won’t grow without his father. Mr. Hibbitt hopes that his story will encourage other people to try this treatment.
On the other hand, Heather, the fiancee of David who works as a nurse in a nursery says that she was very skeptical about cannabis oil and even tried to stop David from taking it, but she soon realized that the oil is producing excellent results.

She also remembers that David has done a lot of research and he never gave up. Of course, now they are all happy that their old David is back and they can live normal lives.
Cancer Research UK claims that they don’t know whether people use cannabis oil to treat cancer and other health issues and they say that there is no relevant evidence that this is an efficient and safe type of cancer treatment. However, if people like David decide to share their stories more frequently, cannabis will certainly get the status it deserves.

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Cannabis Oil as an Effective Colon Cancer Treatment 4.5 5 Josh Murdoch David Hibbitt from England was just 32 years old when he found out that he is suffering from stage 3 bowel cancer. On top of that, the doc...

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