They Never Ate Organic But Watch What Happens When They Made The Change


This family always ate conventional food because it was cheaper. That is until they got involved with this studyconducted by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL. The result surprised and disgusted everyone. Organic food was also recently found to be irrefutably higher in cancer-preventing antioxidants (full study). Considering the study presented in this video in addition to the higher antioxidant profile it’s about time for everyone who values their health to switch to an organic diet.
The increased use of pesticides and the sky-rocketing disease rate in America is a huge correlation that cannot be ignored any longer. Of course it’s best not to depend on legislation to protect you and your family. The best step you can take after deciding to eat organically is to grow as much of your own food as possible. Even if you’ve never grown anything before it’s never too late to start and can be quite easy, enjoyable, and rewarding. Make sure you check into our Grow-it-yourself category which is updated daily with gardening tips, tricks, and tutorials for both beginners and experienced gardeners alike.
Second to growing your own finding your nearest farmers’ market has become a must for the health-conscious consumer. Eat as seasonally and locally as possible, meet your farmer, and grow your own clean nutritious organic food. This is real healthcare and your family’s health is worth it.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the abstract of what is considered to be the most comprehensive study comparing organic to conventional food published in the British Journal of Nutrition this past September. These solid findings didn’t receive as much press as they deserved. Show this to any friends or family that still eat conventional food.

“In the present study, we carried out meta-analyses based on 343 peer-reviewed publications that indicate statistically significant and meaningful differences in composition between organic and non-organic crops/crop-based foods. Most importantly, the concentrations of a range of antioxidants such as polyphenolics were found to be substantially higher in organic crops/crop-based foods, with those of phenolic acids, flavanones, stilbenes, flavones, flavonols and anthocyanins being an estimated 19 (95 % CI 5, 33) %, 69 (95 % CI 13, 125) %, 28 (95 % CI 12, 44) %, 26 (95 % CI 3, 48) %, 50 (95 % CI 28, 72) % and 51 (95 % CI 17, 86) % higher, respectively. Many of these compounds have previously been linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases, including CVD and neurodegenerative diseases and certain cancers, in dietary intervention and epidemiological studies.

Additionally, the frequency of occurrence of pesticide residues was found to be four times higher in conventional crops, which also contained significantly higher concentrations of the toxic metal Cd. Significant differences were also detected for some other (e.g. minerals and vitamins) compounds…”

Source - Real Pharmacy

They Never Ate Organic But Watch What Happens When They Made The Change 4.5 5 Josh Murdoch This family always ate conventional food because it was cheaper. That is until they got involved with  this study conducted by the Swedish...

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