This is Cure forTumor That Might Accidentally Have Been Found


It looks like tumors can be channelized and eliminated by placing malaria proteins directly to the cancer cells. This procedure has proven to be effective in almost all types of cancer.
Good news! It seems that scientists have made huge progress in their efforts to find a cure for cancer and they did this by accident. They have found out that a malaria protein can serve as a powerful weapon against this vicious disease.

A team of researchers from Denmark were trying to find the best way to protect a pregnant woman from malaria because this disease can cause serious problems in the fetus. By making these tests, they have come to a conclusion that malaria proteins aim cancerous cells too and this is something that can be used in the process of healing cancer.
These scientists have made a combination that consists of small amount of the protein found in the malaria vaccine which is buried in the cells and a toxin that can enter the cancer cells and start acting from the inside which ultimately leads to their destruction.

The researchers have concluded that in any case the malaria protein connects to the same carb. In other words, the sameness of these two conditions can help the sufferers.

The carbohydrate that we are talking about is here to support the growth of placenta. 

However, the team that was part of this process has explained how it can act in the same way when it comes to tumors and that malaria parasite connects to the cancerous cells in exactly the same way which means that it can eliminate them.

These experts claim that they have worked on taking advantage of these similarities between the tumor and the placenta for a long period of time.

Ali Salanti, an expert from the University of Copenhagen says that scientists have worked on finding the relation between tumor and placenta growth for years now. The placenta is a very important organ which is able to grow from a limited number of cells in a matter of months and turn into a two-pound organ. It delivers nourishment and oxygen to the embryo regardless of the fact that they are in an unknown environment. On the other hand, tumors act in a similar way – they progress rapidly in a seemingly unknown environment.

This process has been checked in cells and in cancerous mice and the results of these tests were published in the Cancer Cell journal. The experts believe that they can start testing this finding on humans in the next few years.

Of course, many experts are wondering whether this discovery will work in humans and whether the human body is able to withstand the doses required for positive results without experiencing some side effects. The Danish scientists have a positive attitude and they are convinced that this finding will work in humans mostly because the protein has connected only to a carbohydrate that can be found in cancer tumors and placenta.

When it comes to the tests on mice, scientists have inserted three types of cancers. The protein was able to eliminate prostate cancer in about 35% of mice, reduced the lymphoma tumors to about 25% of their original size and managed to keep alive 90% of mice that were suffering from metastatic bone cancer.

According to Mads Daugaard, an expert from the University of British Columbia, Canada who was part of the research, they were able to separate the malaria protein which has the ability to connect to the carb and after that they’ve added a toxin. By performing test on animals (mice) they were able to prove their theory and the efficiency of this procedure.

Via Independent

This is Cure forTumor That Might Accidentally Have Been Found 4.5 5 Josh Murdoch It looks like tumors can be channelized and eliminated by placing malaria proteins directly to the cancer cells. This procedure has proven...

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