Top 10 Shocking Reasons to Avoid Soy Milk


The number of studies that show that soy is not really healthy are increasing, yet most nutritional guidelines and are advising Americans to consume both soy and soy milk. It is crucial to understand that soy milk is not a good alternative. As a matter of fact, soy milk consumption can do more harm than good to your health. Here’s a list of reasons why you should stay away from soy milk.

Soy milk Ingredients:

  • Soy milk (whole soybeans and processed water),
  • Sea salt,
  • Cane sugar,
  • Calcium carbonate,
  • Carrageenan,
  • Vitamin D2,
  • Vitamin A palmitate,
  • Vitamin B12,
  • Natural flavor
  • and Riboflavin.
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List of Reasons to Stay Away From Soy Milk

#1. Soybeans are rich in natural toxins also known as anti-nutrients. Taking only two glasses of this milk on a daily basis can bring radical changes in any woman’s menstrual cycle.

#2. Soy consumption will trigger increased need for vitamin D and vitamin B12.
#3. In addition, soybeans are packed with haemagglutinin, a substance that promotes clot and leads to clumping of the red blood cells.
#4. Only 1% of soy is not genetically modified (GMO). It comes with one of the highest level of pesticide contamination among the foods we usually eat.
#5. Soy products including soybean have large quantities of phytic acid. This acid has the ability to absorb magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium and iron.
#6. Soy foods are packed with toxic aluminum, a substance that has negative impact on the nervous system and the kidneys and has been related with the development of Alzheimer’s disease.
#7. This food comes with a substance that resembles vitamin B12. This substance can’t be processed by human body. So, soy foods are one of the reasons for B12 deficiency.
#8. The sensitive soy proteins are treated on high temperatures during the production process. In this way manufacturers make textured vegetable protein and at the same time they make soy protein isolate. This combination is very harmful for the system.
#9. Soy includes toxic and harmful isoflavones. Daidzein and genistein, isoflavones found in soy can worsen the situation in cases of breast cancer because they support its growth.
#10. Soy also comes with phytoestrogens, a type of plant estrogens that have negative effect on the endocrine function and increase the risk of breast cancer and infertility.

Carrageenan As An Active Ingredient in Soy Milk

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that carrageenan can lead to ulcerations, gastrointestinal inflammation, colon cancer and lesions in lab animals. In addition, a recent study supported by ADA (American Diabetes Association) conducted on mice has found a connection between glucose intolerance and insulin resistance and carrageenan.

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Top 10 Shocking Reasons to Avoid Soy Milk 4.5 5 Josh Murdoch The number of studies that show that soy is not really healthy are increasing, yet most nutritional guidelines and are advising American...

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