WARNING: DON’T REBOIL WATER EVER AGAIN ! (Scientifically Explained)


This happens to me at least once a week: I fill my electric kettle up with water to let it boil for my evening tea and then… well, anything can happen. I was in the middle of working on something, or the TV show I’m watching just got really good and now what?
The perfectly hot water is now regrettably cold. The solution may seem simple; just turn the kettle back on and reboil it to be enjoyed in a couple more minutes.

But what happens to water when we reboil it?

don't reboil water chemical warning

It’s something they never taught us in chemistry class, but really should have. When we boil water, the chemistry of it changes, which is usually a good thing as it boils out volatile compounds and dissolves gases. This is why boiling water mostly ensures that it’s safe to drink.
If water is left boiled too long or is reboiled, the chemical compounds change for the worst. By leaving your water to boil down, you’re actually concentrating many harmful chemicals instead of getting rid of them.
The same thing happens when you reboil water, as the compounds concentrate and increase the risk of ingesting certain chemicals.
These chemicals could include arsenic, nitrates, and fluoride. Even the minerals that are healthy for us can become dangerous when concentrated, such as calcium salt which can lead to kidney stones and gallstones when taken excessively.

The Destructive Effects of Reboiled Water

1. Arsenic

“Drinking-water poses the greatest threat to public health from arsenic,” states The World Health Organization (WHO).
Exposure to arsenic may lead to arsenic toxicity, which can develop physical effects slowly over a number of years, depending on the level of exposure.
Dangers of arsenic toxicity include peripheral neuropathy, gastrointestinal symptoms, skin lesions, diabetes, renal systems effects, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

2. Nitrates

Nitrates are found naturally all over earth, in the soil, water, and air. However, the chemical can become harmful when used as a food preservative, such as in deli meats, or when exposed to high heat, such as boiling water.
When nitrates are exposed to high temperatures, they convert to nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic.
Nitrates have been linked to many diseases such as leukemia, non-Hodkin lymphoma, and different cancers, including colon, bladder, ovarian, stomach, pancreatic, and esophageal cancer.

3. Fluoride

Many studies have been done over the controversial chemical fluoride and its presence in drinking water. The fact is, it’s there and it could pose a threat to your health. Despite the proof of the dangerous effects of fluoride, the government insists to keep it in our water.
Harvard University took data from over 27 studies that were carried out for 22 years and linked fluoride exposure to neurological and cognitive function in children.
The results were published in the journal of Environment Health Sciences and concluded that fluoride found in drinking water resulted in lower IQ scored among children.
A more recent study completed in 2013 links fluoride to lower infertility rates in male mice.



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WARNING: DON’T REBOIL WATER EVER AGAIN ! (Scientifically Explained) 4.5 5 Josh Murdoch This happens to me at least once a week: I fill my electric kettle up with water to let it boil for my evening  tea  and then… well, anyth...


  1. This information about twice-boiled water is highly dubious, and can be safely ignored


    1. Snopes must survive somehow. And they have only one way of doing it. Debunk everything !

  2. One example is when Snopes debunked suing bill gates in India. I lived there last year for 3 months and the court case was in the city I lived in. Snopes said that story was a lie. Because the news went viral and snopes knew some people will check everything on their site to verify. The only way to counter argue and their link is shared is try say no. If they say the story is true no one will post snopes link to say its true. But if they said otherwise people will share their link and they'll earn more money from visitors to their site. Anyone with the slightest knowledge in molecular chemistry would understand the simple theory here.

  3. http://chemistry.about.com/od/waterchemistry/f/Is-It-Safe-To-Reboil-Water.htm

  4. Reboiling water is bad. I too trust about.com more than sites like snopes..... http://chemistry.about.com/od/waterchemistry/f/Is-It-Safe-To-Reboil-Water.htm

  5. The only time you should worry about boiling water twice is when you have your own well, which means you should have the water tested at least once a year for carcinogens and heavy metals! if its public water they have to monitor the levels and release those findings once a year! the levels are normally lower than toxic level by huge margin so reboiling water isnt going to affect you as in the well you personally own!

    Re-boiling clean uncontaminated drinking will water not cause cancer or any other health problems.

    Boiling water contaminated with chemicals such as high in nitrates or toxic elements such as arsenic is a bad idea, so there may be circumstances when re-boiling water is a problem This is really only a problem in a few rural areas where water quality isn't monitored.

    1. Logical point to which I tend to agree. It's easy to perceive (even) a science article only through the mind of that one person reading it. Sometimes they do not do the necessary thorough reading before jumping to the conclusion that they are looking for. Honest mistakes can be better remedied by reading the whole article or adjacent research. Unfortunately, I believe most of us are guilty of posting an article before we read the entire thing.

  6. I make distilled water. There is nothing to concentrate so no problems. Oh, spare me the distilled water is bad for you because you need the minerals lies.


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