You likely know that muscle mass is one of the most important parts of maintaining your strength and health. Unfortunately, muscle wasting is also a common and accepted part of the aging process. This is one of the reasons that elderly adults are more prone to falls, bone breaks, and other injuries.
If you knew that you could prevent age-related muscle loss by changing a few parts of your routine now, would you? Of course—who wouldn’t want to minimize their risk of injury? Learn more about getting enough protein in your diet and how it can help you prevent muscle loss.

Muscle Wasting and Age

Muscle wasting is also known as sarcopenia, particularly when you are talking about the natural loss of muscle that comes with aging. Keep in mind that your muscles may waste due to inactivity or illness as well; however, the most common cause of sarcopenia is age.
lack of protien and high protein foods
Sarcopenia can have disastrous effects on your health. It is linked with balance problems, an increase in falls, an increase in serious injuries, and an increase in overall healing time.
Whether you are in the early stages of sarcopenia or you are trying to learn how to prevent muscle wasting, there are several changes you can make now to keep them strong. Learn more about the role of protein in muscle maintenance.

Can Protein Help?

Your protein intake may be one of the most important factors when it comes to maintaining your muscles for decades. Protein is broken down and turned into muscle tissue when it is ingested. There are plenty of sources of protein that you can eat to benefit from this.
Some of the most protein-rich foods currently available include eggs, beef, chicken, turkey, milk, and yogurt. In addition, beans are also an excellent source of protein, particularly if you are vegetarian and do not get any protein from meat.
There have been numerous studies conducted on this subject. Overall, research seems to agree that a moderate increase in protein intake can minimize an elderly person’s risk for age-related sarcopenia.
If you are young and trying to prevent sarcopenia, you can increase your protein intake substantially without any ill effects to your body. However, if you are older, a severe increase in protein intake may be linked with renal failure. As a result, you may wish to discuss your dietary changes with a care practitioner.

Preventing Sarcopenia

Although boosting your protein consumption may undo some of the effects of muscle wasting, it is much more effective to simply protect this disease from taking root in the first place.
As a young or middle-aged adult, make dietary and fitness choices that will serve your muscles well for decades. Of course, increasing protein is one way to do so. Protein should be your main focus every single day.
However, you should also look at your fitness routines. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is important to start building your muscles up so they can be used throughout your life. If you do not spend much time weight training, you may want to add a strength training routine to your fitness plan. This can build and maintain muscles.


WARNING : NOT EATING PROTEIN AT ALL WILL CAUSE YOUR MUSCLES TO WASTE AWAY 4.5 5 Josh Murdoch You likely know that muscle mass is one of the most important parts of maintaining your strength and health. Unfortunately, muscle wasting...

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