Ginger is a fantastic spice used not only for food and juices but also to treat nausea and motion sickness. However, more astonishing is the new studies that are coming out that show the effect ginger has on different types of cancer.

One study performed by Georgia State University found that ginger extract was able to reduce the size of a prostate tumor by 56% in mice. It was also found that ginger reduced inflammation and supplied the mice with antioxidants.

This study was just the beginning. Another study published on PLoS found that 6-shogaol, a component found in ginger, is superior in targeting the root cause of breast cancer malignancy or breast cancer stem cells.
ginger is far effective than chemo

Cancer stem cells only make up .2 to 1% of the cellular makeup of a tumor, but they are very difficult to kill. If the stem cell is not destroyed, it will create even more cancer cells that could travel all over the body.

“What that means is these cancer stem cells are able to self-renew; they are capable of continuous differentiation, are resistant to conventional chemotherapeutic agents, and are capable of splitting off and forming new tumor colonies. The only way to fully ensure that your body is cancer free is to destroy the cancer stem cells within a tumor.” (Health Nut News)

This study found that the 6-shogaol found in ginger is produced when the root is either dried or cooked. These are common methods for preparing ginger. But what is even more amazing is the effect it had on the body while fighting cancer stem cells.

ginger and its effectiveness aginst cancers
“Researchers found that these cancer-destroying effects occurred at concentrations that were non-toxic to non-cancer cells. That means that this particular component of ginger only killed cancer cells, leaving healthy cells alone. This makes it very different from conventional cancer treatments that do not display that kind of selective cytotoxicity, meaning they can really harm the patient.” (Health Nut News)
In breast cancer, the study found that 6-shogaol drastically affects the cell cycle that increased cancer cell death. It also inhibits the growth of breast cancer spheroids or lumps.

Finally, when compared to the cancer drug Taxol, 6-shogaol killed more cancer cells and tumors. Even when taxol dosage was increased, researchers found that 6-shogaol was 10,000 times more effective than Taxol at killing cancer stem cells, stopping new tumors from forming, and keeping healthy cells alive.

It should be noted that this study was not performed on people, but on cell cultures. However, the results are very promising for many future cancer sufferers. It is well known that traditional cancer treatments are difficult to the mind, body, and soul.

If a more natural method of treatment can be found, why not go for it!

What do you think of this study? Promising?

From - David Wolfie

NEW STUDY SHOWS GINGER IS 10,000 X STRONGER THAN CHEMO (AND ONLY KILLS CANCER CELLS) 4.5 5 EYEOPENER Ginger is a fantastic spice used not only for food and juices but also to treat nausea and motion sickness. However, more astonishing is...

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