3 Reasons to Use #Moxibustion on Abdominal Acupuncture Points


Chinese moxibustion is a TCM therapy which involves burning a herb known as mugwort to instigate the natural healing process. Moxa treatment has been used by TCM therapists for hundreds if not thousands of years and for good reason – it feels great and can improve your health!

Acupuncture the same as moxibustion?
It’s a little confusing, but translate the Chinese character for acupuncture directly and you end up with “acupuncture, moxibustion”. There are various opinions on this but suffice to say the two treatments are commonly combined with great effectiveness.

Of course the main functions of an acupuncturists of applying and warming moxa on an acupuncture point, acupuncture channel or ashi point is to stimulate the flow of blood (xue) and/or qi to remove channel blockages clear pathogenic factors and alleviate pain.
moxibustion for chinese accupuncture

3 reasons you should try this therapy..

1. it feels amazing..!
Are you one of those unfortunate individuals who constantly feels the cold? Need that extra blanket or even a hot water bottle at bedtime or perhaps a hat when the wind picks up, even on a relatively warm day?

Well according to Chinese medicine theory you may suffer from a deficiency of qi, yang or both. The good news is warming moxa therapy, when applied to the correct acupuncture points can do wonders for your body temperature challenges!

2. It strengthens your qi

Warming moxa therapy applied by a trained TCM therapist has the ability to invigorate your qi (life force energy) and eliminate dampness which has the benefit of reducing symptoms such as:

Bloating, oedema
Stiffness and pain of the limbs and/or joints
Loose bowels, constipation, frequent urination

Additional Chinese medicine uses of moxibustion therapy include the treatment of joint pain (knee osteoarthritis), infertility, low energy and depression.

3. Moxibustion enhances kidney yang

Yang qi

Warm moxibustion therapy has the ability to enrich, tonify and move qi, especially yang qi which is considered the active, awakening, mobile and defensive portion of the yin/yang energies.

Deficiency of yang qi may result in fatigue, feeling of cold, poor digestion, immune system issues and depression.

TCM theory

According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, your kidney yang (and yin) energies originate and reside within the gate of ming men (gate of vitality or gate of life) located between the kidneys. This important location is thought to contain the original yin/yang essences (jing) derived from ones parents at the time of conception.

These essences at can never be increased or improved but can be strengthened via acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and breathing exercises such as tai chi and qigong.

Kidney yang, your immune system

Utilizing moxibustion cones on the lower abdominal points such as REN6 and REN4 or additionally the lower Bladder Channel points such as BL23 or DU4 has the effect of strengthening kidney qi and essence but especially kidney yang which is vital for a healthy and vibrant immune system.

The Practice of Chinese Medicine: What is Moxibustion?

3 Reasons to Use #Moxibustion on Abdominal Acupuncture Points 4.5 5 EYEOPENER Chinese moxibustion is a TCM therapy which involves burning a herb known as mugwort to instigate the natural healing process. Moxa treatmen...

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