Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes In Vaccines All Found Murdered


By: Jack Murphy, Neon Nettle

Nagalese prevents vitamin D being produced In the body

Not long ago, Neon Nettle reported on the epidemic of doctors being murdered, most of which were in Florida, U.S. The scientists all shared a common trait, they had all discovered that nagalase enzyme protein was being added to vaccines which were then administrated to humans.

doctors who found cure for cancer


Nagalese is what prevents vitamin D from being produced in the body, which is the body’s main defence to naturally kill cancer cells.

According to Nagalase is a protein that’s also created by all cancer cells. This protein is also found in very high concentrations in autistic children. And they’re PUTTING it in our vaccines!!

This prevents the body from utilizing the Vitamin D necessary to fight cancer and prevent autism. Nagalese disables the immune system. It’s also known to cause Type 2 Diabetes. So basically…they weren’t killing these doctors because they had found the cure to cancer or were successfully treating autism… they’re killing them because these Dr’s had been researching and had the evidence that the vaccines they’re injecting our precious children with are CAUSING our current cancer and autism crisis!!

And that it’s obviously being done knowingly and on purpose! The Dr’s they killed in FL had been collaborating and were getting ready to go public with the information.

Depopulation 101..add poison to vaccines…make it law that all children must be injected to attend school. Slow kill methods. They think they’re being fair w/ their “survival of the fittest” type mentality. Only the best genes survive? These people have no souls.

Dr Ted Broer broke it on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report and it took them a whole hour just to get him on air b/c their 3 hour show was brought down and every line they tried to use kept disconnecting…and then their servers were brought down.

They asked a bunch of ppl to pray against the attack and then finally got him on a secured line..and so a full hour into the show they were finally back on the air and connected to Dr Broer and the first thing he said was “I am in no way suicidal.” He was super nervous holding onto this info…afraid he’d be taken out Hastings style before he got a chance to say it publicly. So listen to this short clip of him breaking the story.

It’s a 19 min clip but the most important info is heard within the first 10 min. It is def some of the most important news I've ever heard. And it needs to go viral.

Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes In Vaccines All Found Murdered 4.5 5 EYEOPENER By: Jack Murphy, Neon Nettle Nagalese prevents vitamin D being produced In the body Not long ago, Neon Nettle reported on the epide...


  1. Which doctors?


  2. Another conspiracy theory. They can't even name the imaginary doctors who were murdered. This is a hoax.

  3. Replies
    1. I googled it. Turns out it's bullshit. Genius.

  4. This is just one article of many ....

  5. This is just one article of many ....

  6. This article literally has "ppl" in it. Yet another reason not to take medical advice from FACEBOOK. Duh, people.

  7. Why dont you just google Dr Bradstreet, he was shot in the middle of the chest,kinda hard to suicide himself,but within less than 6 hours was listed as suicide,even against family's protests. ...alot of ignorant people with agendas in this comment section and am sure yr names & IP addresses noted!!! This is life saving research interupted and should be front page news!!!

    1. Bradstreet knew he was going to be arrested for fraud the next morning. He was facing over 40 years in prison in the United States and even more in Great Britain. Shooting ones self in the head many times only results in a disabling wound. Knowledgeable people choose to shoot themselves in the heart, which results in death not disability. Bradstreet was once a doctor. He would have known that.

  8. Where is the proof? This is a great work of fiction - could be a film.

  9. Where is the proof? This is a great work of fiction - could be a film.

  10. radically exaggerating headlines turns people away from the truth... when they see the headline was greatly exaggerated, they no longer trust the rest, nor the SOURCE... it's a DISSERVICE to the truth


  12. LOL those of you in denial. See ya. You will be the ones to die. Sorry about that, but at least you were warned.


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